Clash of titans en credits song.

I’m REALLY trying my luck here…

Okay, so I’ve listend to the album but I’m looking for only one short piece of music… The god within you. There seems to be two versions of the song in the movie. The one was released on the soundtrack while the other is a much more intense and electrifying version played at the end credits of the movie. I am looking for the last version, without the crackling lighting sounds. The two are almost the same but the build-up is much better in the end credits version

Does anyone know where I can find this? Maybe there are two sountrack versions released?

It’s not the first time some movie producer decided to omit the best song (or version of a song) from the soundtrack. 16 Blocks had one latin song that was lovely - it only played at the DVD main menu. Can’t find he bloody thing anywhere.