Class 1 Drone

I’m hesitant to post this after having seen the quality of everything else in this forum. But with any luck, a good supply of criticism and suggestions should do it (and my own abilities) a world of good.

However, would those of you kind enough to supply such things please do so in a very slow, patient and measured way, that a bear of very little brain might be expected to understand them. I’m not entirely new to blender, but am far from confident, and rather prone to losing submenus and not being able to find them again.

This is the ubiquitous low-level baddie from a rather old computer game. I have still to turn my attention to textures, which will happen after a great deal of tutorials and browsing.


Looks kinda like something from Descent

That’s the one.

maybe some more light or turn on AO so we can see it better. from what i can see though it looks like a good start!

I added a Sun-type lamp, but don’t know what AO is and so haven’t used it.

Have made a token attempt at texturing, which mostly entailed inexpert application of different Cloud-type textures to different variables (mainly Col, Ref and Spec.)

Am rather perturbed by the background: how would I go about making it look more like a mine shaft? Also, it looks semidecent (well, a lot better than it does in the pictures) when applied to a small sphere. I’ve messed around with the bits labelled ‘Orco’ and ‘Glob’ but haven’t really sorted it out.


oh, sorry…AO means Ambient Occolision (i may have spelt Occolision wrong) you can activate AO by going the the world buttons tab in the mateials tab. while there you should see a subtab with the words Amb Occ written on it, click this tab and click the big button saying Ambient Occolision, and render…

AO will make your render time take a little longer but it makes you image alot better…