Class room.

This is a render I have been working on for about a month. I do little parts during school when I have a free period. I am making it for the competition(I hope I win at least an honorable mention after I am done). CC welcome. Will update render in about a week.

lolz i never seen a classroom where the teacher has an LCD at his/her desk… let alone a desctop pc lol (a few laptops yes)

my school has lcds in every classroom. plus i already made the model for another project so i just appended.

Well, I guess that’s the difference between Brooklyn, LA, and super3boy’s town. Our administrators have flat panel displays, as does our tech coordinator, but the teachers don’t, unless they bring in something from home. super3boy, I’ve never seen desks and chairs lined up so straight in a classroom, even by the janitor. The door appears to be a bit large, and the teacher’s desk proportions look off: too long, too narrow. Lighting seems odd for a classroom, too. Usually there is an area light from all the florescents in the ceiling, rather than a spot casting hard shadows under the tables. good luck with the competition.

hi, your image is good. The floor tiles are very natural and properly alligned. As far as the other objects they are modeled fine. set the subsurf a little for the chairs and tables. give some natural diffused light rather than a hard and sharp light. The door is open… what is inside? either give some suspence or define it. I think the lcd monitor should face the teacher. give some windows and a nice curtain. look at the color wheel and try to give some nice color for the whole picture. Always human element add a new dimention to the picture. try to place some humans in action. it looks like the class is over or the class is to begin.

the door nobe is little bigger than the door.scale it a little small. you can place the bin in another coner. all the best for the competition. bye.

Thanks for all the great comments. As soon as a get my humans(you read my mind 3dviewpoint) in the picture I can start on what you said. Here is the class room textured and some people I am working on:

The new wall colours much better, + the texture on them looks great, but the wood look is way too much.

Also you need to recalculate the normals outside on the faces (control + ‘N’) and the door needs a bit of work.

Other than that it looks good, + I especially like the scribly writing, the scrunched up rubish + the white board makers

Try Auto Smooth for the chairs.

You guys are giving such good sugestions. Thanks. I just finished the bodys to the heads you see. After I place them in their seats I will work on your ideas. New renders with come in a few days.

yay… umm you should put some grafiiti like sharpies and scratched in cusswords in the desks…

i like the people but their teeth look like piano teeth
and the door has weird squares…

but i like the rest

Good idea.