class variable problem

I need a variable(“dragon”) that all classes, created by a certain class (“AlienHead”), can change.

here is a simplified version of what I am doing:

class AlienHead:
def __init__(self):

self.dragon = 0
self.list = [3, 40, 89, 12, 902]

def create(self):

self.shape01 = Shape(self.list, dragon)    #line10
self.shape02 = Shape(self.list, dragon)    #line11
self.shape03 = Shape(self.list, dragon)    #line12

class Shape:

def __init__(self, list, dragon):

if list[dragon] >= 50:[/INDENT]
do stuff[/INDENT]
[INDENT=3]dragon += 1        #here's the problem
[INDENT=6]#"dragon" needs to increase by 1
[INDENT=6]#for the classes that are created in lines 11 and 12

I need to be able to reference the “dragon” variable from classes that are created by “AlienHead”.

Basically this problem?