classic 16bit game remake simple scene help

HI guys and girls so i recently decided i have better things to do than get some daylight and fresh air so decided to remake a classic 16bit game from the 90s (as ya do)
The game in question is called “Cannon fodder”
if you have not heard of this game before then… shame on you lol but seriously there has not so long ago been a follow
up too the 2 original titles originally entitled cannon fodder3

short story is errm i hate this remake and would love to have a go myself soooo… first of all here are some videos that might help visualize what im asking of you guys ok so

this is the best the original cannon fodder

and this is the 3rd in the series not made by the original team gggrrrr

Its just not the same boohoo

ok so nostalgia aside im looking for somebody to create a jpg 800x600 of a remembrance wall (blank)
in a suitable setting on which the names of the dead characters will appear after each level
i have used blender for over 3 years now and frankly i still suck Hopefully one of you kind people can help me out
this game is obviously going to use the original name (cannon fodder) so for obvious reasons i cannot sell it

also guys if your feeling generous i will realy appreciate it if you have a look at the title pages and cutscenes(from original only)

and see if there is anything you can come up with that may be helpfull

im looking for a non realistic yet not bitmap looking image im sorry i cant be more specific

//your name will be mentioned in the final release and also as a character in the game\
\ Thx guys :slight_smile:

Sorry for the bump guys just wanted to point out that i do not know how to use the blender game engine so will not be using it to create this game i know c++ and gml due to the simple nature of this project i may go with gml as the worrkflow is extremely quik i may later release a copy made in c++ dark basic

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