Classic blender forks - Tuhopuu and instinctive blender?

Hey folks!

There are a few people here like me who have been around the block for a long time, so this goes out to you=) I suppose everyone remember the evil tree tuhopuu, and intrr´s (?) instinctive Blender? I used to have them on my harddrive, but after it crashed on me, they are no more. So I´m hoping that someone has these forks saved, and would be willing to upload them for everyone to share. Windows preferably. It would also be fun for new kids on the block to share the motley history of Blenders post-commercial era.


I found Instinctive Blender here! But you´ll need sdl.dll and python23.dll on windows. Check out the demos for the cool wave-function=)

Thanks in advance!

Without installing them, what are the differences?

Well, Instinctive Blender has some interesting projects that never went into the main tree. Like the waveeffect (coolio), a crude softbodysim and a UI which is slightly different (Intrr didn´t agree on some of the changes made from 2.3 onward). It´s a fork of 2.35, so it doesn´t have the newest bells & whistles, but it´s a fun trip down memory lane.

The Tuhopuu project was a testing ground for new features. It was too hard to maintain though, so Tuhopuu was killed off in favor of more specialized branches. The last builds had the original UI redesign by Matt Ebb, and a really kewl floating toolbar (hoping Ton is planning something similar for 2.5).

I’ve seen the toolbar, it was definitely cool…and useful.

I already Uploaded some of this Blender Forks for Windows,
Notice:some of this Builds Inluded in the Zip are not Forks!
you can Download here:

…i forget to Include Tuhopuu 2 you can Download it here:

Mmm… there´s no file there=P

Hey Vainqueur the file is there the Download works for me!
I Uploaded some more Blender Forks for Windows Fun Blender Tuhopuu 2.25,Tuhopuu 2, Positron 1.0.0)

That link takes you to the MediaFire homepage, meaning the link is probably invalid.

Try uploading it somewhere else.

Sorry, dude=) I´m sure it leads y-o-u to the files, because your logged in, but the rest of us need a direct link;-)

Here is a New Download link for the rest:

or try this
if you Download this 2 files you have the Blender Forks
I have more Blender Forks but i canot found them now…maybe i post the rest when i found them! 3d


No, worries man - and thanks for the good deed=)