classic characters

Hi. I am trying to compile a list of classic characters from movies and TV. I am not an expert on these sort of things, but I have an idea for an animation, but I’m not sure yet.

The type of characters I am looking for are only in TV or movies. They must be played by the a physical person (ie not a cartoon). For instance, if I were to go into Silence of the Lambs and poke Dr. Lecter, I would also be poking the person who plays him: Anthony Hopkins. On the other hand, if I went into Star Wars and poked Yoda, I would only be poking a puppet, not the person who plays him.

Could anyone help me come up with some classic characters with character.

So far I have the following:
Willy Wonka
Groucho Marx
Dr. Lecter
Cosmo Kramer

Please help me. Thanks.


well classic charater…
the samurai played by Toshiro Mifune in the seven samurai. ok so maybe not a well known charater but youll score points with me and fans of the movie.

Ash from evil dead series

Indiana Jones (whats a list of classic charaters with charater without IJ)
any other charater from indiana jones :stuck_out_tongue:

another unknown (except in japan) Zatoichi

Woody Allen- he just plays himself anyway

oh and if you were to poke yoda from empire you would be poking Frank Oz’s hand;

Kenan And Kel from Kenan And Kel :stuck_out_tongue:
ridick from pitch black and chronicles of ridick (vin deaseil) - spell check
spiderman,peter parker (tobey mcguire) - spell check
neo,matrix(kiana reeves) - spell check!
trinity, matrix
mel gibson, signs
jackie chan!!! all his films lol
more to come if wanted.

Thank you! :smiley: I will look into your suggestions.


grim man those arent really classic characters those are recent characters you happened to like :slight_smile:

Conan The Barbarian(The govenater(arnold schwartzenger))
Peg(married with children)
and the husband from that show… can’t remember name
Rocky!(if u dont know this dont even bother)
Red/Erik/Hide/Jackie/Fezz/Kittie/Donna/Bob/Mitch(that 70’s show)
and Kelso in a leauge of his own.

Stategoi, the name you’re looking for is Al Bundy…
anyways, I’d have to agree with Grimreaper about Jackie Chan… he DOES have older movies too that are actually pretty funny (Drunken Master and Legend of Drunken Master - need i say more?)
The Honeymooners (how could I forget their character names?!?!?)
Batman and Robin (you know, with the visible sound effects? POW! ZOK! BIFF!)
Mr. Bean
Rimmer, Lister, Cat, Kryten, both Holly’s, and Kochanski from Red Dwarf
Bill and Ted
too bad no puppets, or I’d say ALF
Bill Cosby
Marty McFly (back ot hte future)

umm… who else? sorry I didn’t list the poeple’s real names… I’ll edit this later

wut? no one says anything about SPOCK?! the classic of classic characters. good lord! I mean it’s SPOCK u red blooded humans! HAHA

grim NEO?!? dude youve got to see more movies. Keanu revves did such a bad job that anything related to him should be as far away from the list as possible(the first ones script worked for him but in the last 2 it became obvious he couldnt act)

superx10 eh not so much tlodm but dm was really cool

Pai Mei- although i say he must look like he did in kill bill he can also look like the earlier movies(as in dated makeup techniques, different actor)

on that same note
mr. pink from resevior dogs
bonnie’s husband :stuck_out_tongue: /jules from pulp fiction

oh a recent but goody Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Carribbean

those two from odd couple(movie)

freddy kreuger, bond(connery, more, or brosnan), eddie murphey,mel brooks(choose one), liam neeson from one of his more colorful roles(darkman) :slight_smile: , that all i can really think of right now

edit* Bruce Lee- nuff said

get some more movies HAHA u make me laugh,i got more then you could amagine . i think NOR.J see half of what i got when ihad my webcam on and that was like over 500,so befor you say see some more movies, think.

i got more movies then 500, i sawe all the movies you had(at leat half of it), and i got more belive me
my dad is a collecter :wink:

yea i know j, o thats right we had a contest the other night didnt we lol!!. i still got loads tho :D.ive only been colecting for bout 2 years , but i got quite alot :P.

Dr. Lecter ,Austin Powers :stuck_out_tongue: ,Tyler Durden,Charles Morse,Jerry Maguire…
it is more, but i dont have time for this lol :wink:

Y’all have an interesting definition of “classic” characters.

Here are some suggestions:

The Three Stooges
The Marx Brothers
Borris Karloff (just pick through different roles)
Dirty Harry (Clint Eastwood)
Norman Bates (Psycho)
HAL (2001: Space Odyssey)
Cpt. Kirk
Mr. Spock
Darth Vader
Dr. Strangelove (Peter Sellers)
Inspector Cluseau (Peter Sellers)
Tarzan (not the Bo Derrick Tarzan)
Robin Hood
The Three Musketeers
Abbott & Costello
Maxwell Smart (Don Adams from Get Smart)
Sgt. Schultz (from Hogan’s Heroes)
James Bond (naturally go with Sean Connery version)
The Oringinal Charlie’s Angels

Mr. Ed

sort of played by humans
King Kong

Godzilla was mainly cgi dude.


Godzilla vs. King Kong?

Godzilla has been around since before most computers, certainly desktops.

It was a man in a rubber suit walking around stomping on models.




hehe theeth we finnaly meet, how r u?

I’m fine, thanks for asking.

Personnal questions, especially when they are off topic are better suited for PMs though.


Don’t forget BA Baracus fool! :slight_smile:

And the Beatles from that submarine thingy, Bilko and Basil Fawlty.