Classic Dorm

This is my very first test at Cycles, hope u enjoy


Welcome to the forums, and what an amazing first post! I love the lighting on the first image :smiley:

The noise… is… killing… my eyes. hah! Just kidding.
Good scene. I didn’t like the semi-translucent materials though. The curtains doesn’t seem realistic at all because you can clearly see the rail of the parapet outside. It seems some kind of very simple ‘ztransp’ effect. Also, the lampshade doesn’t look very realistic. You need to add some (fresnel?) reflection on the window glass also. The outside face of the curtain is receiving direct lighting from the sun, I think we should see some reflections of it.
Chromatic Aberration is a nice touch. Although a purple fringing would “emulate” better a digicam, instead of that cyan/green aberration imho.

Also, in a scene like that, I would apply some kind of subtle HDR effect to prevent the direct light from becoming a distraction and also to show a little better the room. But it’s just as I would do. If that’s your style, it’s perfectly fine.

For a first test it’s very good overall. I’d say 8/10. After some hours of rendering of course. With all that noise it’s 2/10 hehe :).

oh, thanks man! finally i decided to put some of my renders here, lets see how its going so far, glad you liked it :wink:

Yea, that noise! but wait, everything have a neat explanation:


some really nice hours to see my desktop burning

my workstation just have died a months ago, so now ill bump with my pretty fast n’ hot dual core desktop w/ lasers

but i agree with your points, the node workflow was still kind of blurry to me, and theres only a basic setup here
the window glass actually doesnt exists, if i put there the noise would be heavier than death metal
the curtain, oh yeah, shame on me theres a good point here i’ll take note :wink:
the chromatic aberration is another point that i dont have to much knowledge, will take notes for that too

and could u explain more about the HDR spec?
actually theres an HDR there, you can see as background , but i dont know if theres a better way or i’ve used wrong etc

but yeah thanks for the great advices, will apply that on my next big monster drum rendering :wink:

and sorry for my 15y old rapper english spelling, i actually speak portuguese; hope u guys understood :G

Congrazt is a good work, i got that photo reference for model it too, hehe. I like the light getting inside in a dark room , but the problem is the noise make that we cant see the effect at 100%. The model of the room is very nice too.

Very good and detailed. The right part feels kinda empty and leading to nowhere. How did you make that blanket on the bed? This lighting situation is really hard for cycles. It’ll be very interesting once storm_st’s bi-dir integrator gets implemented. What you could try though is the non-progressive integrator with bumped diffuse samples, because I believe that’s what’s causing most of the noise in your render. But still this would be much quicker in yafaray with photons and FG.

Great work and good advises around.
I think I can cut this render time at 1/5. Just editing nodes setup.
But, whatever, great render! Noisy or not so, makes no difference.