Classic Fighter: P-51 Mustang

P-51 As a follow-up to the P-38 found here.
Blender, as well as gimp for textures.

Sweet!! Good job!!! :slight_smile: I love the 3 swastikas showing how many kills the plane has.

Looks like the early model. P51-D was always my favorite. The texturing makes it look used which give it character. Love it.

  • Floyd

Very nice!

It’s a North American A-36 Apache/Invader.

The A-36 is a version of the P-51 Mustang… but for ground attack/dive bombing.

Actually I’, not sure, but it’s a RAF Mustang version anyhow.

If the model is real life related, then the naming should be also accurate. The P51 name covers several versions, which are very different beasts each.

Yes, this is mainly the P-51A. I followed as closely as I could to reference photos and blueprints. But my main inspiration was this photo, which I referenced very much, mostly for color scheme.

Clay and Wireframe for those who are interested.

How did you position those rivets. I believe you didn’t done this manually

Hello Kieth.

Looks pretty good.


Some crits if i may? I know this ain’t Focused Crits but…

Modeling seems a bit rough around the edges. The cockpit/canopy doesn’t seem to be moelled very well. Lots of uneven surfaces over the plane… The panels don’t make much sence to me. The texturing also seems a bit to drab for my taste (just me) and the lighting is quite flat.
A few negatives there but maybe some things to work on for future projects.

Good work.

@elohim: The rivets are usally just done with a bump map. You can pick a brush in Photoshop and change the ‘spacing’ of the brush under ‘Brush tip shape’ under ‘Brushes’ and holding shift and dragging will create a line of ‘rivets’. You can use the pen tool also. Why you would model these my hand i don’t really know.

At first sight…I was thinking P51D as well… But according to wiki it’s not a p51d… the p51d’s had the bubble canopy… According to the wiki, the apache model had 6 browning machine guns, dive brakes, and could carry 2 500pound bombs. Dive brakes I would think would give it an added advantage in battles…

Still, it’s a very nice looking model… yes there are issues with the canopy and sheet metal not matching up… But it’s better than I could do…

Great job on the texturing!! Personally, I think there should be a few more kill marks…but that’s just me…


Thank you all for your comments, critique and compliments.

Elohim, in the clay render the rivets you see are hand modelled, duplicated via array on a curve and then carefully adjusted to the surface of the fuselage. (at times I use the “edges to curve” script from a portion of the fuselage mesh). It is time consuming but the advantage of using it over bumpmaps is that it can stand closeups, bump maps cannot. So I use a little bit of both :).

AnIronCore: yes the canopy modelling is not perfect but as far as the uneven surfaces over the plane…if you have ever seen images of older aircraft you will notice bumps and ‘ripples’ in the skin. These are warbirds, not minutely designed electronics. Lighting and textures are meant to be drab in a sense…but in other I will take that into consideration!

Revolt_randy: Initially I was unaware of the fact that there were so many different versions of the P-51 Mustang. I chose this one because its older and I liked the canopy design as well as color scheme much more than the others. This is not as accurate as I would have liked but is the best I had TIME to do, since I have another model to make as well as a lot of animating.

Here’s a recent composite.

How did you do the wire frame on a black main color? I’ve always wondered how, just figured I’d ask now.

I initially was very frustrated in trying to get a wireframe render, finally I just duplicated the mesh. Gave one with a shadeless wire material, the other with a solid material. Here’s the trick, turn down the alpha just a few numbers and you can see the wire.

Nice. love to see it with a sky background, may be with the evening sun in the back and vast oceans below.

Wow dude that’s awesome!

Keith, this are excellent!
You gave Dad the credit and He blessed you well.

Keep up the great work!