'Classic' Mech WIP

I’ve been playing a lot of MW4M so was dying to create my own mech, one that could fit into the universe, so most of my sttling cues are from there. If I had a scanner I’d post the sketch, but I don’t so here is an early WIP, form is fixed but details, remaining artifacts and textures need to be done. If I get the time I might do a v. short animation of it annihilating a mad cat.

Comments/crits welcome…


Html so just click and go! :smiley:

Not bad so far, but the arms look scrawny.

Dude you really got to find somewhere else to put your work cause those popups are nasty!

But I like it… personally I’d put some big pistons on it though, legs wise.

looks cool, too smooth though

Cheers for the replys.

Pistons do look good, unfortunately mechs don’t seem to have any. I will put some in where the legs meet the body though. Hope to have another WIP soon…

The texturing should sort that hopefully. Provide more definition.


and good on ya for making a html page :smiley:

i’d give him a taller hip area, make the whole body a bit taller.

Update: :smiley: :smiley:


tried adding bars to beef up arms, will have to tie them in to the arms and torso/head. Added barely visible minigun nests either side of the cockpit.
Added basic texture to add some variation.

Does anyone know a way of selecting faces using the bulk select tool without it randomly selecting some you didn’t want and didn’t go near??

I’m having hell trying to UV this model. %| %|

GX Monkey:

I’m looking for a hunched over purposeful look, but I agree the hips need bulking up.

looking cooler, but it still looks a little… odd-

I like how you did the head, but you need to do something different with the legs]]

keep up the good work!

Finally, some extra work worth posting, I’ve been snowed under recently and this is what I’ve managed to update to :


Legs vastly changed and improved, almost final texture applied + some extra small scale details.
Long way to go, but at least it’s moving again!! :smiley: :smiley:

Looks sweet, i’ve been working on my own customized mech version, but so far it lacks detailing compared to yours GJ

nice texture…
i dunno. whay aren’t the arms, jointed, or in any other way felxible?

Thanks for your comments.

Fonix Wircs:
Cool, have you posted it? I’d love to see.

The rotation in the arms are is supposed to be from the tip to the gun mount, however I don’t require much more than a distance correction swivel from that. The mech is a more aggressive design, something of the same ilk as a Shadowcat or Uziel, both of which have minimal gun movement.
Maybe some bulking up of the swivel gear is needed, make it more obvious.

Thanks again,
keep them coming.

I hope to have some more updates shortly.


Another update, once again not too large:


created feet and finished cockpit, chromed minigun nests and did more texturing. Added some extra pylons.

I’m on a roll, however more work looms so I’ll have to probably give up for another 2 weeks soon.

Like the progress so far, but i think you need to try and create a more 3D effect on the texutre. Have you got a bump map?

Yeah, though it is just a variation on the texture map, maybe I should make it more prominent, however I feel the problem is more due to mipmapping. The lack of detail mainly occurs on high angle faces.

Is your Bump Map B & W, have you tried playing with the contrast in GIMP or Photoshop. You can get better results, i think.

nice work so far, but the bend in the arms looks kind of… fake- it doesn’t seem to serve a purpose… the texture you have on there right now is ok, but would someone honestly leave one of these beasts outside that long? they wouldn’t be able to move they’d be so rusty… so maybe clean up the texture a little bit, and possibly make the mech a little more “functional”

that’s my thoughts…


fair cop:

Bump is not B/W but a, calc alpha, play with contrast, jobbie, I know: hardly accurate, however it will do for now, once I finish modelling I will play with it rest assured.


They do it with battle ships, why not mechs?? Armour ~ 100mm thick, what is a bit of rust compared with that??

Edit: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
(OK I must admit laziness: I tried to map battle worn paintwork, however the shape is rather complex and I gave up from shear mental exhaustion. Maybe I’ll try once the mesh is finallised (time and arsedness permitting))
A pattern that doesn’t necessarily need to meet at joins is much easier. :smiley:

As for functionallity, from the description of the Atlas, a large part of a Mech’s functionality in the field is the ability to inspire fear. That is the reason the arms form a Raven/Rook’s wing silhouete.
Anyway I agree the arms need more work and that is the next item on my (long) list of improvements.

Stay posted for more updates (hopefully) soon.

Thanks for your thoughts, they will be in mind believe me.

I think it just has too much rust… I mean, if you look at tanks and battleships and all that kind of stuff… you notice they have rust in only certain spots… this looks like it was left out in the rain for… hundreds of years, just saying you might want to make it rusty rather in the joints, and ventilation points… and tone it down just a little…

as for the bends in the arms… they looks almost like plastic… they just don’t seem right right now… maybe you could like run suspension cables, or put some kind of mobility in the joints… they just looks stiff and round…

that’s my thoughts