classic snake game. but i have a problem.

ok so im working on a remake of the classic snake game. well i have one problem. i cant get the added sections of the snake to track the segment before it. here is a blend, does it look like i have it all setup right?snake.blend (170 KB) sorry for not being able to further explain but im on the fla

I havent looked at the blend, but you could use constraints or have a radar/near sensor attached to each segment that tracks the one before it.

I also have not looked at blend, BUT, do you know something from python coding?
If no, you are in trouble :frowning:
Original snake holds an array of positions where is located every extension, so you move only head every next iteration all other extensions just move by one index to the side of younger element(It’s pretty easy in python :wink: )

If you don’t know how to code the task might become very difficult and I think impossible to get all extensions to move perfectly aligned :frowning: