Classic sonic 3d adventure

I have a early test demo of classic sonic 3d adventures. I only have it on windows because I don’t have a Mac. I can put it on Linux if someone want it on Linux.

If you like to download, it is on my website:

So what is this?

It’s a sonic game idea that I had back in December that I wanted to try out. I wanted to try a different art style more like Mario but in a Sonic game. Many inspirations come from Mario and Sonic Lost Worlds (which is still generally Mario). The game is at a early stage however, I don’t want to make it a long or a big project. Just finish it and make it work. Hope you guys like it!

This is pretty cool. It plays really smooth. Really love the large fish that stays around at near the end.

I get really skeptical when I see games show up in this forum based on licensed IPs, but this… Oh my god.
Obviously a LOT of work was put into this. It shows. The mechanics work nicely, the game feels good, that running-from-fish segment was done really well (and also, Mario), this was great.

I agree with Michelle. I think it was put together very well and professional like. Its like a commercial game. And it runs good on my old machine. I wish the pro’s here were more encouraging when something like this comes along, rather than debating each other. I can see that youve put alot of work and time into this and it deserves to be recognized, and really I dont see why more people haven’t commented on this project. You’ve paid alot of attention to details. Looks nice. Good Job.

If I had to critique it, my only complaint is that it seems that Sonic turns to an akward angle when he jumps very high. Like he lays on his face or something. Seems like It would be better for him to stay straight up and down rather than fall forwards. Not sure maybe the pivot point(center of Sonic) is off-center vertically a little, but something looks “off” when he rotates forwards when he jumps high. Other than that, Very Nice Job.

Edit: And keep going with it :smiley:

^ I’m unsure what pros you’re talking about and what debate you’re referring to. I really like this demo - it’s really well put-together, as I mentioned on the YouTube video for the demo. Since it is using SEGA’s IP, it’s not likely to be left alone completely the better it gets, but it’s really high quality and fun to play at the moment.

Nice touch having Sonic lap Mario!

glad you like it.

This is a rendering system I’ve been working on let people change the GLSL render settings in game. This is allow more people to play the game even on low end computers.

pretty nice! …played sonic and mario for ages. they are nice game characters but it always has a branded feel to it, so creating a unique characterlook ingame seems more enjoyable to me. for now its a nice reflection of sonic games - thumbs up!

That’s actually a really good idea.
My first game I chose an existing IP (Mechwarrior in that case) because I knew I was never going to make any money from it and there would be lots of fans ready to get involved in playing and testing it. it’s a good way to get exposure and net some subscribers to your social networking profiles.

Also the game looks great, keep up the good work. :slight_smile:

Hiya! Love the videos and the excellent work put into this so far. Just thought I’d ask, if it would be possible at this time for me to try this game out on Linux? Anywy, keep up the great work. This is possibly the best fan-made 3D Sonic game since Sonic Robo Blast 2.

before you can only spindash only left and right, now you can in all directions.

video notes:[Now you can spindash in all four directions. in spindash mode pressing s (down) and holding spacebar you can pick a direction using the arrowkeys. the more longer you chagre the spindash the longer you can control the direction he is going.]

yes linux! just have to get it working.

testing the homing attack:
The homing attack is too OP. so I decided to make it as a power up. the player earns the homing by not getting hurt once obtained. this way it make the game more interesting and having the homing attack a opportunity rather than a spam.

It’s been a while since I posted this project on here. I wanted to show some progress on a level called Haunted Château. Its the 4th level in the game with a haunted theme.

Awesome! I like how you gave it a “Luigi’s Mansion” atmosphere to the level too. Nice work.

Top notch work

***** 5/5 stars.
could see this on a game store now (if not for the copyrights)

Some more levels in the game.

This looks very professional! Great stuff :smiley:

I really would like to know why Sega cancelled sonic 4 EP.3?why sonic x season 3 the video game don’t replaced Sonic Boom Fire and Ice?