Classic Sonic Adventure Episode: Shuffled (new2012)

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Objective: Shuffled is blender game that is based off of platforming and “Sonic Adventure ish” gameplay. The game will have a 2d and 3d gameplay, but mainly 3d. I want to make a simple but fun sonic game that is original and won’t become to complex.

What happened? :
I decided to spit up the project “classic Sonic Adventure” prior to my other past set up of the characters. So I started fresh and organized everything more better.

Story :
Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles have to stop Robotnik in creating the most powerful robot Mecha. They need the chaos emeralds to stop them (typical sonic team story :[]).

In the video :
The game start off in Forgotten Skylands which Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles is attacked by Mecha and Robotnik on a trip to getting the chaos emeralds. This Scene happened 2 weeks after mecha was created and before Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles teamed together to stop him. Forgotten Skyland is a playable stage later in the game.

Looks very impressive especially since you say you don’t know much/any Python :yes:

This looks great. Although I was kinda mad that you didn’t use the cool, high poly sonics. :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, that’s awesome. Good job so far, but a couple of crits.

When he runs his hands are flipped upside down, i think it would be better if they were turned over knuckles up. Also when he jumps shouldn’t he do a spin flip. Seem to remember that when he jumped he tucked up and spun in the air.

Other than that great stuff!!! :slight_smile:

Blend on, and blend well!!!

Yea I didn’t finish that yet. he looks weird jumping without the spinball

Very well done, the graphics are great!

really great for a first game, nicely done! I really like all the characters they look amazing.

Looks very nice. the models look very good as well. Good work!
I think, though that you might want to make the HUD an overlay scene.
Other than that the game looks very well worked on!
Keep going

Thank alot! Making it a overlay scene will cause not to show up when the camera is set at a different camera scene?

very good but if it was me i would add some normal and spec maps to the game’

Alright. Here’s some constructive criticism.

  1. Sonic should accelerate faster.
  2. Sonic’s face in the bottom-left corner is incorrectly alpha-mapped (his eyes are transparent).
  3. The GUI should be in an overlay scene, as this would keep the GUI from disappearing when the camera changes, which you can see in the video.
  4. You’re using GLSL (I can see this in the water), but everything is pretty flatly lit - try using a Hemisphere lamp with a Sun lamp. Of course, classic Sonic is more simple than advanced Sonic, which I’m pleased to see included as well.
  5. BGECSA is a very odd name - why not name it something more memorable, like Sonic Gems or something? Even Blender Sonic Classic, or just Sonic Classic would be good.

I love that you included the classic Sonic areas like Station Square, along with the music - that made me smile.

Overall, I’m impressed, especially since you said this is your first game. Congratulations!

thanks for the criticism XD

  1. working on that but need to figure out how I’m going to get better physics with character
  2. Oh I didn’t notice that
  3. I have to figure out how to do that with the overlay scene
  4. I only have a sun and hemisphere lamp
  5. In thinking of just naming it classic sonic adventure or something

actually the model was created like with his eye slanted, but I can fix it.

I am impressed!

Hard to believe you don’t know Python. You’ve got some really great stuff going on just using Logic Bricks.

Love the look of it too.

Great stuff!

I’m trying to learn python right now to become better.

I think the graphics would improve if you’d turn specilation down a bit, the Sonic model also looks very beveled.

Other than that, it’s already looking great. :smiley:

Shadow Is added Update

Nice job. Keep making it - I think I’d like to play it.

It looks pretty good, and I’m really impressed that you did all that with logic bricks. I would recommend that you learn python- it’s not really that hard to learn(there’s a lack of tutorials and beginner friendly resources, though), it’s much faster to use than logic bricks for complex things, and offers far more flexibility than logic bricks. There are plenty of things that you simply can’t do with logic bricks.

Anyway, if I had to criticize it, I’d say that I don’t really like the camera for Sonic. It’s really low and close, and turns very quickly. For some reason, it just bothers me. Also, Sonic becomes “detached” from the ground too easily.

Do you have wall running implemented yet? Or do you plan on it?

holy shit nearly no python! I wouldn’t wanna try exploring that spider-net of logic bricks :smiley:
Nice work, real cool stuff.