Classic SPH solver


I feel like I’m asking really retarded questions, but I haven’t been able to google my way through this.

Blender 2,66 added new fluid solver.

  1. Can I actually create realistic looking fluid with this, or is it strictly for particle simulation and not for creating actual rendering of water?

1b) If it can’t be used to render water, what is it exactly good for or is tesselation on its way sometime in the future?

  1. How do I actually use it? I’m assuming it uses the particles tab and no fluids? But after spending two hours on this I’m still no closer to finding it. Do I have to turn it on from somewhere, download some additional files etc.?

In other words, help!

If you are looking into creating realistic fluids, use the fluid sim under the physics tab. The fluid particle system is indeed strictly for rendering particles.
A good introduction tutorial on fluid particles is this one:

This cleared things up. Thanks for the answer.