Classic Violin

Hello everyone!
I’m new in here and I hope you like my WIP. :wink:


this is looking really good. seems to have good topology.

Yes, your modeling looks very clean, pequeno3d! Is the image on the left a reference image, or a render?

Thanks to comments!! :smiley: I’m really happy now!

Oh! Sorry James, I forgot to describe! That image is my last render.

It looks like a reference image ^^

Awesome, good job !

Really nice! The render looks spectacular already. Are you planning to add some wear to the violin. To scratch some of the edges for example?

Looking forward to see more renders! Keep it up!

as others have said, excellent topology! I like how you did the scroll on the head.

Thanks for all comments! I’m happy because they liked!

Fastlead, your suggestion is great but I don’t know make wear, sorry. May be in future. :wink:

One more step. I hope you like. :wink: