Classical Dancer

Indian women sculpt inspired by indian dance(bharatha natyam).
sculpted and rendered in blender with EEVEE.
Yt link:

hope you guys like it.

thank you


She’s so beautiful! Excellent work :+1:

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thank you.

This is truly excellent work. And, I like the sense that “this is not quite intended to be ‘a real person,’ but rather a depiction of her.” For instance, it’s the sort of image that you might then use on an advertising photograph or billboard, say, because you would have much more control than you would if dealing with a photograph of a model.

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i seen digitally edit watercolor image of a dancer and liked it. and one day i don’t liked any western art. so, i started this and got hooked, then completed in a three days(3-4hrs a day). i really like our culture. and thanks you liked it.