Classmate WIP *Update #8 3rd page

I’m trying to model two of my classmates. Here’s what I have so far. The mesh isn’t really decimated, and the edge loops haven’t been broken for rigging, but it’s the basic mesh. Head is what I’m working on now.

Any non-wire render available?

very nice!
If you want to avoid the “ugly” shading in the shirt’s bottom, “split” the bottom edge line.

Very nice. Im not a huge master on topology, but it looks very smooth and effective.

in case that you want to turn those triangles into quads , here goes a thread that can be usefull …

LOL. Looks kinda like me right now, the way I wear my shirt and everything. Anyway moving on…Looks really good so far. But getting rid of some of those triangles and add a head and it’ll look pretty sweet.

Lol, I thought I was the only one who rolled up my sleeves. It’s become a trend in my school now. Are you in my school??? Gets very worried and uncomfortable


And to get rid of triangles to an extent, press alt J.

Curious , are you trying to make them in Blender Game Engine ? <asking since we are in the BGE subforums :slight_smile: >

[quote=The Red Hand;1044696]Lol, I thought I was the only one who rolled up my sleeves. It’s become a trend in my school now. Are you in my school??? quote]

IDK, what school do you go to??? HUH.LOL. But no the only reason I roll up sleeves is because my arms are really long and if I leave them unrolled they don’t quiote go all the way and look really stupid. Plus they get in the way, so I roll them up.

Okay, why is this in the GE WIP forum? :no:

The model looks really good. :yes:

Techie, because its low-poly.
Very nice modelling Dim it looks very good!

@Okiphia: Not yet. After I model and rig it I’ll create a diffuse map (and maybe a normal map) so that it can be used in the GE.

@OTO: Thanks for that tip. I’m not super worried about the shading though because it’ll end up being pixel shaded rather than vertex shaded in the end.

@3D GURU: Some of those tris are intentionally tris rather than quads, but I do need to get rid of some of them. I still have to decimate the mesh (since it’ll end up around 1500 tris as I’m going now), so I’ll probably take care of a bunch of them then. And yes, this will end up in the BGE. As I said, probably a diffuse map and normal map. It’s also the first of two models.

@maul2: Any resemblance is purely coincidental. Like I said, I’m modeling a classmate, but he’s not comfortable with me distributing the reference photos of him on the net. And I have the face pretty much finished, but I simply need to construct the actual head part. It’s fairly high poly right not, so I’ll need to decimate it.

@The Red Hand: Heh, all the time I’ve used Blender and I never knew about that. Thanks.

@Techie: Yup, definitely aimed to end up in the GE.

@All, thank you all very much for your comments, I will post updates as they come.

Quick update on the head. Looks like ass right now I know. It has a seam because I’m modeling it symmetrically (

Too much detail?! Anyway, its very well done!

Definitely too much. That’s what I’m working on now. I like to be able to create the shape I want without worrying about poly count, then deal with preserving the volume as best as possible by making strategic culls.

Another update. I’ve attached the head and decimated some of the mesh. All told, it’s looking like it’ll be around 1600 tris. I still have quite a bit of detail in the face because it’ll end up being rigged for animation.

Any comments before I rig it?

no comments from me:yes:

New update. Pretty big. The character’s fully rigged and I’ve begun skinning it.

Excellent Texturing , what tut and soft ? , just Curious :slight_smile: .