Classroom 46 UPDATE 27-04-2014

27-04-2014 Update: last post

Finished :

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This is something i make for a project of mine, its an actual classroom.
The project is about 45% finished.
The first render is day time , not all details but its just for testing the lightning.
im quite satisfied with it.

the second is smaller but richer in details. i tried to render it at 2000 samples , due to very big (more than 1 gb Vram)
i couldnt render it via GPU , and it was about 12 hours for what you see.The blend file end up 66mb.
Still more chaos details to be added…in a classroom is always a mess!


Not bad! In first image i would brighthen up the sun some more.
About vram have you tried to add the seats/tables using duplifaces(at example on a subdivided plane) ? You can save a lot of vram using it, i just did a test with 5 duplicated objects: with alt+D or shift+D (was almost the same, strange…)1400 Mb, same 5 objects but using duplifaces 650Mb.

It’s actually modeled and textured very well, but like you said, no classroom looks like that unless it’s the first day of school in a brand newly built school… These are some of the additional details you might want to consider doing…

-Consider rotating the individual chairs so they aren’t perfectly in line with each other
-dust on the chalkboard, perhaps add a shelf that would hold the eraser and chalk
-Maybe a couple random bookbags, even some random things laying on a couple of the desks
-You don’t have a lot of wall space… but maybe partially show some poster hanging on the wall

You have a real nice start, I’ll look forward to seeing what else you decide to do with it.

The chairs look a little bit weird. They need to be drag a little bit up because they are a little bit tiny.

Thanks you all for your responses.Been working long shifts and got no time to play with blender.

@ mik its really interesting what you saying i have to investigate to learn that technique.CPU only rendering is killing me.

@ harley : ill consider your advises , and yes on the walls there are other deskboards (im not sure how they are called)

@ BlenderLeon , i actually modeled those from the real ones , im not quite sure if keepd the 1:1 size , its hard to me to measure those pipes the chair is made of … a pic of tha actual model i made

one thing i noticed right away is that the texture on the floor looks tiled…and the seams r visible

besides that, great job

Yes it is tiled. 1330x12x8 mm , i got the size from the real ones.
And yes it was a hell to put them all together…im considering to take them away to save RAM…
or maybe even better, normal the floor.

:smiley: i think u misunderstood
the repetition of the texture across the floor is obvious…try subdividing the floor and adding slightly different textures for each face

i doubt that u’ll need normals for a floor this smooth, but yeah try it

I see what you mean Khalibloo. now i understand and as far as can tell the real one is much more tiled.
In the making of the floor i took the first row next to the right wall , and created the tiles moving a lil bit the unwraped area ,
thus to avoid the repetition , and the same with the second row , and the i just SHIFT+D the entire rows.

Really making it again is a pain after i made it already bout 5 times…i think ill render only the floor and later add it to a simple plane
as a texture i hope it will save some Vram…?.

@Mik : i dont know what you mean by duplicating faces , if you mean by that select the object (in OBJECT MODE) and SHIFT+D
i did the all like this. First on the scene got only one table and a chair and eveything else is duplicated.

Edit : this is how it looks at home …

Edit : new render 200 passes only!

The floor is not in one piece , i tried to simplify the models , but it reached its limit.
Still many things to do anyway , and the clock on the wall is dark and im not happy with it.
To do :
more furniture , projector , computer , book bags , the eraser holder and more small details…

yeah, i’m happy with the floor now :yes:

I was meaning this: wiki or better this wiki 2.6
First you create a chair, then a plane with separate faces like in image. Select chair, then select plane with shift+mouse, then ctrl+p, parent to object. Select the plane, go to object panel and under duplication select faces. You just need to pay attention at the origin point of the plane and chair…

GREAT! i must try it …just finished new render…now to play with this. Thanks Mik

Its pretty much done…got no power to keep it up.Made the book bag but it dont fit its too poor…

Thanks :


Credits :

pencils and marker

Mieszko Lacinski Low poly books

random drawings from internet

all else done by niebieski

I like the artwork you added to the wall along with the little details on the desk… now it looks like a real classroom. Nice job on this project.

Thanks harley , but take a look a the original image i had inspiration from…

After a year I took this and re-rendered it. Any suggestions on how to get more realism ?

For some unknown reason i cant upload this image to pasteall or the forum…

Your getting better on the lighting…but I dont see a story here…Yea…Its sucks…you have to tell a story or knowone cares…But wow a lot of work…Really nice…

Thanks for your critique, I guess you’re right matt, i never aimed for a story, it’s just a sweet mess after a lesson
I’m trying to get better with rendering, or getting close to some result I’m happy with.
As I’m never happy with what I do, I know it could be better. And saying that I just realised that the lamps are wrong.
I will remodel it. And it needs more mess I see some empty spaces.
I tried to model a school bag but it is really hard task for me. …