This is the picture of a classroom, I put it here just to get a feedback.

I hope those are not the final colors.

Why Orinoco? those are the final colors, the truth is this classroom already exists.

You may want to work on the colors. It took me quite a while to realize the black regions were desks with computers screens. Lighten up the desk color perhaps?

Yeah, work a little on the colors. Just add a bit of difference between the screens, desks and chairs. Otherwise, good job.

I made some changes I think it looks better now; what do you think? Thanks for the feedback.

Thanks to profanity I noticed those screens.

I had the misfortune of living for a time in a room painted gloss white. It was very uncomfortable, like living inside a refrigerator. I covered the walls with posters, maps, lengths of cloth, anything to hide those hideous white walls.

While I don’t doubt that some classroom could be painted the same awful way my room was painted, I would hope for the sake of the virtual students who use the room to study and concentrate that you’d give them a break and make the walls off white or some nice pastel shade.

My brain tells me the desks are made of steel and the top is rusted. You have probably choosen this composition by intention to indicate some post-apocalyptic scenarion :smiley:
Honestly, it is an interesting composition since the rest of the room looks very clean.