Classy Cutlery

It’s a Set of classy old-fashioned Cutlery or Silverware featuring a restained floral Relief.
Completely done in Blender. Rendered in Cycles using HDRI-Lighting.

Final Render and ‘Clay’-Version

Nice modelling job, Cycles is really good for objects like this.

Beautifully detailed

Thanks a lot. I’m glad you like it.

Very nice!

nice,realistic render.silver mat looks good.floral relief is with bump map?

floral relief is with bump map?

I don’t believe so but it’s beautifully detailed. Precision! Nice render too.
Well done.

No, there is no bump map. Everything is actually topology and was modeled.
Thanks a lot for your kind words.

Everything is actually topology and was modeled.

Some more information, please. Modeled-sculpted how-where? Some wireframe post could be most welcome.

I rendered Wireframes using the Wire-Material-Addon. Somehow there are some Errors on the Spoon, showing top and bottom side at the same time. Couldn’t figure out, how to correct this. Any ideas on this?

Here are the wireframes:

Wireframes are showing the ‘Base-Mesh’ which was modeled by hand using Mirror and Curve Modifier to obtain the desired shaping. For the Rendering I applied a SubSurf (lvl 2). Hope you like it :slight_smile:

très jolie !

The thumbnail doesn’t do this justice. Really nice modeling.

Nice modeling - kind of blurry render.
Maybe adjust Gaussian width on Render->film settings.

Thx for this advice. I didn’t test this feature before but as far as I understand, decreasing the pixel filter width causes additional sharpening. Am I right? I’ll give it a try :slight_smile:

I just found this Overview. Sounds like increasing the width will smooth Edges. So lowering the value a lot causes Aliasing?

I did a quick Test:

To double the Width (3) causes way to much Blur. To halve the Width (0.7) causes strong Aliasing (in my humble opinion). Anyway, I think you’re right. The default value of 1.5 is quite neat but lowering this value a bit could cause this cheesy sharpening which couldn’t be wrong :slight_smile:

Thans a lot for this useful hint!

You could also use a different filter. Mitchell is good is you want sharper renders.

Thats right, but using the stable 2,61 Build, as far as I see there are only the Box and Gaussian Algorithm available (Film->Pixel Filter Width) and I’m not sure if there are any alternatives on graphicall. How do you use a different filter within Blender/Cycles at the moment? Another approach could be using PS or the Compositor to sharpen the Image using a different Algorithm, which I perform for almost all of my Renderings.

Is there any Solution I’d maybe missed?

No, apologies, I read too fast. (The images are always more interesting than the words.)

Even in svn Box and Gaussian are the only options for Cycles. Mitch is still internal renderer only.


What about keeping the default filtering but reducing or losing the DOF altogether?

Fantastic! I like the style … you could create some tutorial with the configuration of materials, render and lighting! …:] I have some renders that I would like to have the characteristics, quality and finish of your render … still can not get this done … : (


That’s quite a possibility :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’m glad you like it. There is nothing special about what I did. Just a nice 3-Point Studio-HDRI under World-Settings, used as Environment Texture with a Mapping-Node to control its alignment.

My Rendersettings were set to Full GI and 1000 Samples. The Material itself was just a Mix-Node combining a Diffuse BSDF and a Glossy BSDF with some Roughness. That’s it!

I don’t think it’s worth a Tutorial, because there are already lots of good ones, covering these topics. Just give a visit. :slight_smile: