Claude Francois

Claude François was a French pop singer died in 1978

Haircut and textures are still rough.
Actually, i’ve got 3 textures proection/wrap blended with vertex paint masks for the skin color :slight_smile:

Sculpted and rendered with Blender 2.79 / Cycles

I think you’ve done quite a good job on this! I don’t know who the singer is, but just looking at him as a random person, he’s really looking good. I think your work on the hair is quite commendable too. It can be quite time consuming and difficult and you’ve done a great job on it. The only thing that felt very strange with it is the hair on the right looks a bit like a solid block, like it’s sculpted, and it could help to add a few loose hairs over there. That might just be how his hair was though.

One idea I had for the eyes is to add a ring of water where the eyes meet the skin, like these pictures from
It’s mostly at the bottom that you see it, but you can see this ring of water that reflects and distorts light and kind of unifies the eye and eyelid. I’ve found having it there at the top and bottom, and even making it more visible than normal, helps quite a bit for believability.

I think the only other thing you could do might be to make the skin surface breakup more visible, maybe making the pores more visible in areas and adding larger imperfections to the face. I noticed you’ve added some, but some of the areas still seem a bit smooth. Some of the pores, especially under the eye area, are sometimes pretty visible and large, and it might help to paint those on there using a normal map, or trying to sculpt them if you’re able to. There is some good reference of what some of the different areas can look like here: and here:

Those are the only ideas I had. It’s really a great job you’ve done that you should be quite proud of :slight_smile:

Très bien fait, on le reconnait directement :slight_smile:

Cela serait cool un rendu de la topology et même un sans texture ^^