Claudia X Sketchbook

This is my first personal sketchbook… Why i make like that. Actually, I decided to play by practicing with varies of textures on suzanne. fun to do… It looks like stuffed monkey. Happy half racoon and monkey! lol… any idea that I should to make another suzanne with different texture? let me know!

update rainbow monkeys… fun to play with curve values and colorize… check it out

The weaving monkey… Gimp- Filters-Artistic-weave. Also turn normal on under geomtry in blender… neat to see it…


I realy enjoyed to find a creative way as my excrise to improve my flowing toopology/ sculpting methods to my first retopology/… So enjoy view here…

Those are some lovely suzannes :slight_smile:
There’s some noticeable uv distortion around the ears in the first one though.
Love the rainbow monkeys!

@Khalibloo- thanks! yes i noticed… I play around with UV editing and texture these suzannes… thank and will improve with UV to make it better… By the way, love your icon of monkey… it’s cute…

:smiley: thanks! my monkey was derived from suzanne as well. there are other variants in my sketchbook.

considering your level, i’m impressed you’re even working with uvs already. keep it up!

Thanks! I can look at your sketchbook,too…

Topology of male human… Not bad can’t wait to add high school football uniform


fixing span from shoulder to shoulder and spherizing abnormal… look better… enjoy looking these…

here last …

play with sculpt… the ram man that i use dynamic sculpt. The women in love that I use multisolution with sculpt… get an idea the difference. So, enjoy these my first sculpts…


WIP Wip: hands are done with Dynamtic Topology and heart and flowers are done in simple poly and adding subdivision Surface Modifier. what do you think? :slight_smile:

You should texture and render this last image… It is quite good.

Wanilson_m- I will do that for the last image and thanks you. :slight_smile:

full of grass on hand and nails looks balanced well as long as it has soil under grass… look so cool. still experiment on shade of nail grass.