Inspired by retro-abstract 3D images. Rendered in Yafaray, post processing in Gimp. Enjoy


i really like this. good job. i think i like it smaller like in the thumbnail even better haha

Nice…perhaps it would make a nice poster;)

Awesome! Nothing more to say. :slight_smile:

157696 polygons. Just so you know.


Really nice… could you show us any wireframe and your light set up?

V1k1ngo- here you go,

you can see from the side view that I just used rings of spheres, rotated just a bit differently on each row. They were laid out exponentially so I didn’t have to use too mant of them to get the effect. The lighting is a point lamp at the top with a yafaray energy value of 10. “Direct Lighting” was used with the preset value for ambient occlusion.

By the way, the picture was just rotated 90 degrees post render. and it was cropped to “poster size” so yes, bahamapascal, maybe I will print one.


Nice work! I just associate it with oil paiting way!

Awesome! I love it, I like the painterly look of it.

Beatles!! rsrs

woaeiuow… dude, that’s brilliant… my head is still spinning :slight_smile: