Clavius Base update #3

Something for my 2001 project :
I will make this much bigger - this is only the very innermost ring of a large moonbase. Reference pictures :

Landscape is Terragen.

Very nice detail.

Me likes :).

Awesome amounts of detail.

Is it all modelled or is some of it bump maps? Either way it looks great.

Everything’s modelled. And textured with bumpmaps of course but only for very very fine details.
Update :
Think I’ll revert to the previous landscape colouration.

Your level of detail is always impressive.

You lose the full effect in your lighting though. The ground gets very washed out and you lose the effect of all the little details with your current set up. What are you using for your lighting?


I agree, and I think you could level the ground out a little more around the base.

BgDM wrote :
Your level of detail is always impressive.

Wow, thanks. Coming from you, this means a lot !

Ataryu : Yes, I’ll probably be forced to flatten the ground as I’ll almost certainly need to scale everything down. It’s looking as if the existing base structure is too big to allow the amount of enlargement I want.

Added some more greebles, worked on the lighting and lunar surface a bit. Not sure if this lighting is okay or needs more work :

Flattened the ground, worked on rock texture and lighting some more, also made the basic structure of the whole base. Blue fuzzy blob in the middle is all the greebles so far…