claw ship, all this from one cube?

newbie here, :slight_smile:
it’s hard to imagine all this came out from one cube, not sure about the wings though, and it didn’t came out the way i wanted, keep wondering if there something that will alo to make change on one side and it wil be mirrored in the opposite way on the other side (didn’t do this with mirror modifer)

still have a lot to learn about texures and stuff.


ship.blend (114 KB)

yup - use the mirror modifier

see wiki page for more details


add a subsurf and some multires… :smiley: then itll loook awesome

yea i’ve thought about sculpting, but it looked entirely different, it somehow grew a back horn, also all the burhs actions worked backwords (for example darw mode actually pushed inswards the mesh).

in order to use the mirror i would have to cut the thing in half ?