i was wondering how do you model a gauntlet with claws ?
someting like this here (this is like the way i want the gauntlet :slight_smile: )
here you see a dragon the part (right side of the picture that paw kinda looks like a gauntlet)

but how do you start modeling someting like this ?
i would love to make it for a model i am working on

start with a single claw and duplicate it.

ya but how do you start modeling that gauntlet first and the claw it lookt like a pyramid with me instead of a real claw :frowning:
and later how do you merge that claws with that gauntlet ?

if you are having trouble visualizing your claw, draw a profile of it, and load it as a background image. the claws shouldn’t have to be fused to the gauntlet, just put them in place.

o ok ill try again hope it will be beter when i got a picture

i drawed a picture but i still cant get it good :frowning: i try to get it as low poly as i can but this is as far as i van get :frowning: )
picture i drawned
and this is the model

hope anyone can help :frowning:

Good drawing. If I understand your problem correctly, yes it is hard to try to form a finger mesh out from simple hand mesh.

There are two ways to build this; make it out of single mesh or by joining finger mesh to the hand. Here is quick layout of making it with joining method:

As Modron pointed out just make a “single claw and duplicate it.” After all the real gauntlet is made that way you know.

and later how do i join those claws with the other part ?

Shift + Select both object, then hot key Ctrl + J. Or menu select Object > Join, in Object mode. Combined object will take object center of last Sift + Selected object.

o ya i do know how to do that but how do i make it so that those claws are togherher on the gauntlet ? so that you see the verticies are conected ?

If you want to connect the mesh, polygon to polygon, you need to do it like hand modeling; subdivide hand end many times over to poll the fingers out. Here is example of claw I made before:

hey i first tryed the claws on the side but i dont know if it looks a bit good (it has to be the gauntlet for that model (that sort human ) it took me long but i still dont know if what i did was right so thats why i ask model2.blend (498 KB)