clay head

This was like a speed clay ball model test project thing using the sculpt build.
I learned that this new sculpt build runs more fluidly than the python versions… The only issue was that you are to Never press UNDO! :slight_smile:

Just fun to look at, thought it was worthyable for a post here in the threads

I think his nose is too thick. Also, you could try to turn off ‘mirror’ when adding pimples to the face, right now, EVERYTHING is perfectly symmetrical. Other than that, great job!

I don’t know…I have seen some pretty big schnozzes in my time. I think that the enclave of the retnas seems weird…although I am sure it is a program gliche. I would put his head on a zombie body any day.

the head reminds me of lord voldemort from the first harry potter for some reason.

I was kinda aiming for a clay lump of clay like sculpture. And was also aiming for a more unhuman/exadurated shaped head, but ended up being a real human head with odd sizes etc…

as for the pimples and dimples, I did turn off mirror to deal with them, (as you can see):slight_smile: