Clay Modeling - newbie question.

Trying to create clay model material and lighting. I’m very new to blender (2weeks) so please excuse the results. I’m using the HDR approach that [email protected] posted but I seem to be having a problem getting the material correct.
Any suggestions or if anyone has a blender file I can pull apart that would be appreciated.

Cheers, Kordo.


do they have a good one in Katzor/Legaz (not sure if I spelled that right) the Blender Materials Library.
I’ve got it, but I can’t find the link right now…what is it guys?

or maybe try to search for it on, blendernation, etc…it’s definately around, along with the model respository. Do you know these places?

I can’t remember right off, but they might have a good clay, at least to start from, then add some textures - viola

I sure someone can eventually lead you right to a great one

Thanks JohnMoran,

I did a search for Katzor/Legaz and ended up finding this great link below. Being looking for all the Blender sites I could find the last 2 weeks and thought I had them all.

Will keep looking for a good Clay Modeling tut.

Actually, enable Ambient Occlusion and use the default material…(turn the spec slider to 0 maybe…). That should give you what you’re looking for. HDRI lighting (with Yafray, as you were trying to do it) isn’t really necessary although it obviously is a nice touch sometimes. But for me, Blender’s internal AO is enough.

KORDO - I would definately take Myke’s suggestion and experiment that way.
But re: blender links…they just never seem to end! I find some of the best ones by just searching the different forums here. Always something new, even after 6 months or so of searches

Also, take a regular look thru if you don’t already, they update it very frequently (and thanks to them btw)

happy blendering :slight_smile:

Thanks Myke and JohnMoran,

I found a couple of blender files and I’m blown away by the materials in them. No clay ones yet. I agree with you Myke the internal render is quick and give a good result but Yafray does give a more realistic result. I think I’ll use the internal for WIP and Yafray for the final work.

I’m a SketchUp user and there is not a great deal of rendering options in that software. I’m sure with time and reading through the forums I’ll pick it up. Much appreciated for you responses.

Also I tried “…(turn the spec slider to 0 maybe…). “ but didn’t seem to work. Could be me. I tried a render with the internal render but I don’t think I’ve got the light in the correct position. Have a feeling the results are more in the lighting rather than the materials.

Cheers, Kordo.


Well, that is very possible…for the real clay look there are no lights needed at all. It depends on what you’re exactly looking for but judging from your sceenshot, I personally would take out the spotlights (these are spots, right?) and experiment with one or two omni lamps (or even no lamps at all). But that is personal preference and maybe another definition of the clay look…

Also, what I wanted to say with “turn the spec slider to 0” is, that the default material, with no changes, sometimes has a very plastic like look, which I’m not very keen on.

I see what you mean about the ambient occlusion Myke. I’ve done a search and found a couple of post that I’m working through.

Also found one that pointed to the BSoD/Introduction to Lighting/Spots vs Ambient Occlusion & Manual/PartV/Pseudo-Global Illumination. Just working through them now.

Bumped the samples up to 16 to get these results.


If you are trying to make clay you might also want to add a cloud bump map to make it not so smooth looking, since clay isn’t perfect…