Clay sculpting

I haven’t used Sculpt Mode in a while, because my old machine couldn’t handle it. I tried it again today, and I noticed that my favorite Brush, Clay, way gone. :eek:

Does anyone know the equivalent of it? Or is it just gone?

i’m pretty new to sculpting too…i think clay brush is great when highlighing some areas in organic objects ,like head sculpting etc

What did the clay brush do? I haven’t heard of it before.

I don’t think the clay brush was ever in an ‘official build’. There was a version from that had a clay brush added.


That’s probably why I’ve never heard of it :slight_smile:

Last time I’ve tried a 2.5 build the clay brush was included. So, go grab a build of 2.5 or wait for it to be released and you’ll have the brush.

ok, I’ll look around for it… I think I did get a build that wasn’t an official one though, so that’s probably why it’s gone.

Hi curlystraw I just compiled the thing on my own and it is working just fine.
You can follow how it is done here How to patch blender with the new sculpt clay patch.