Clay sculpting

I sculpt in 3d for a long time.I have been trying to make some traditional sculptures. I don’t know if they can actually compare to other traditional artwork. I don’t have good control of what I do with clay. Comments and critiques are welcome.

I don’t have any guidance, but they look really cool. It’s neat seeing an artists style transcend the media they are using

great stuff man. I love the feel of it. have you tried one of those tools with the rubbery silicon tip shaped like a brush? super useful. a couple other tricks I learned over the years: for a smooth finish, you can take a piece of cellophane wrap, lay it on the surface, and then use a pig bristle brush on top of it. another good trick, to get a textured surface is find or create a surface you want to reproduce ( snake skin, cracked wood, whatever ) slather a few layers of liquid latex over it, then peel it off and use it like a stamp. depending on the surface you are reproducing you might need a mold release agent. anyway, I am not suggesting you use these methods, they are just some interesting things I learned when I was doing sculpting and mold making / casting.

Got a new clay. Red and kind of harder.

Harder clay is much better.
However, start working on your personal, very personal measurements.
I don’t mean to leave this beautiful and very real expressionistic style.
Measurements, as precise as possible. Precision has nothing to do with style after all.
BTW, in my opinion, dyntopo sculpting is very close to this clay feel. The best app around as seeing from this perspective.

I tried my best.

Just made a new site on artstation with traditional section.