Clay She-devil: Warning: Rediciulous Nudity

For my sculpture class we were making female sculptures. They were of the muscles of most of the body, except hands and feet. Mine wasn’t great, however I did spice up with, horns, a nose, large breasts, and tassels for the breasts. For some reason the teacher didn’t want to keep it… Not sure why that was. I got several strange expressions coming home carrying this sculpture. The wierdest being a stoned dude stopping and saying “what’s the significance of this? You need to put some aces on that shit!” He also called it a she-devil and than grabbed one of the clay boobs. Perhaps he gets off by grabbing clay boobs? The figure is 12" tall and built on a armature with roma plastina oily clay.

The model has been falling apart so its not in quite prestine condition. I had to remodel the tassels and horns as well they were mashed when transporting it home from school.

This is pretty much quoted from my myspace blog :stuck_out_tongue:

She-devils are fun to make. Don’t know if the tassles should be there or maybe some snakes coming from the nipples, in any case, I’m sure you had a lot of fun in that class showing that off :o :smiley: Reminds me of a T-Shirt design I did for a friend of mine who makes shirts for bikers.

Yeah they are tassels. They looked rather phallic at first, so I had to flatten them out. I had fun making this. It took about a month and a half to “complete” and I was working on other projects for the same class as well as umpteen other projects. Clay makes me itch, well that roma plastilina does. So I won’t be working on it anymore, unless I get really bored. That she devil is awesome! Rather risque too.