"Clay" test rendering

I’ve played with ramp shaders but I can’t seem to get that “clay” effect that many people use on their models, especially when trying to pay attention to detail. Would anyone mind sharing settings? Thank you much.

My understanding (And chances are I’m wrong) was that “Clay render” was merely without textures, nothing to do with ramp shading. Based on what I’ve seen around, many people seem to use GI settings, or ambient occlusion to give it a more realistic look (Oh yeah, and turn down the spectacular)

turn spec to zero, and consider using AO [in the world buttons]… all the diffuse shaders except toon look just fine

there aren’t really fancy settings required for clay

That “Clay” look is just the default texture, but using “AO” or Ambient Occlusion.

Huh? - Thems big words!!!

It just means that when things are close together they cast a little shadow on each other.

Check the documentation HERE for more info.

AO is what I’m looking for, but it seems like the lighting doesn’t like me. Any hints as to what lighting I should be using?

The lighting in AO is largely dependant on the ambient light in the scene… you might need to switch that first.
If you’re using blender’s built in render, fix it with
(Shader => world button => AmbR, AmbG, AmbB)

Using Yafray it’s simillar:
(Shader => World Buttor => Colour swatch right below the name of the datablock (Top of the “World” panel))

you can pronounce effect with softshadow: by adding area lamp, rayshadow, shadow only, umbra, dither, samples 7-10, resize lamp to cover your object fully, switch off specularity if artifacts happen.

usually looks good, renders forever.

Things to remember when using AO are to turn on raytracing with the ray button in the render panel and make sure the ambient value of every material is non-zero. Once you get there, just play around with the AO settings.