Clay Wizard

Just wanted to show off a small project of mine. It’s nothing special as I know most people on here are much better than I am at Blender in General but I thought it would be nice to show a kinda clay/photorealistic picture I sculpted.

Its really nice, I like it :slight_smile: The sculpting is quite good. He looks like he’s thinking/contemplating something? The eye on the top one seems to have a strong glow. Overall its nice to look at. Don’t under estimate yourself. Keep up the good work:)

Hey, try working with the photo reference next time. It will speed your progress up 10000 times.

Oh Yeah every time I make a piece or model something I draw concept art of it first. Front view side view. That we I have the idea and I can model off of it.

Sure, but also real life reference - photos of human head from various angles.