claymation for fun

Here is something i did just for fun it was a good experiment.

That’s great!

Your camera wobbles around a bit, but that only enhances it! I love stop motion because you get to see the hand of the artist at work. makes a nice change from the “antispetic” of CG.

Very nice!

I have to try stop motion :eyebrowlift:

Excellent! It looks fantastic!

Lol that was funny :slight_smile: great job

I love doing stop motion aswell. But I haven’t had the time to do a long one.

Thanks for those nice comments :slight_smile:
Am going to try make another one later when i get more free time. :yes:

Here is another of my Stop Motion Animation :smiley:

Great pieces there ,how did you get Gino to fly?


This is cute ! like 'em.

watched the first one, but got an error on the second one… I love stop animation, especially clay… there is so much that you can do with clay animation… you can be as creative as you liked… also i thought that it was funny when the blow-up thing fell on the elepant… Classic

I pic up the Head with mi hand :smiley:

Wow, couldn’t see it at all, nicely done.