Clayxel - Volumetric Modeling Workflow

Has anyone heard about “clayxel” it’s available through Unity game engine. It’s a volumetric modeling workflow.
It looks real good. I know blender has metaballs but this looks like a game changer.

Everything looks game changer when it gets that speed-up treatment in the video. :wink:
I wonder what we could do mastering the metaballs side of modeling.
Anyway, this looks nice, but what about modeling something less playmobil-style?

That looks like a Voxel Remeshing.

In theory, if you use ability of new 2.91 boolean modifier to handle a collection and OpenVDB remeshing of Remesh modifier, you could have a close workflow.
You just need a mesh with boolean modifiers before Remesh modifier in modifier stack.

Problem is just that display of primitives is not handled by collections but by primitives.
Defaults for adding primitives are made for box modeling. You have to use a lot more subdivisions/ segments for rounded shapes (spheres, cylinder, torus), for example.
Modifiers operation may be slower in Blender. And remeshing seems to have a better smoothing.

The main ability is already there.
We can ask writers of addons about booleans to force addition of a Remesh modifier as the last modifier of stack.
But questions about performance in viewport and remeshing quality will persist.

Grid Remeshing of new Volume to Mesh modifier seems to be great.
I am thinking if there was an Edit Mode for Volume object ; maybe it could be closed to that.

Close, as far as I know it’s Signed Distance Fields. There are some cool examples here of what they’re capable of: