Clean bevel on mesh text OR better way to texture text.

I am working on a logo and some of the work will be done in blender. However, I’m having issues with UV mapping the Text. If I just use the text tool, and the font I want to use, and then convert to mesh, I get a very messy mesh that seems impossible to unwrap without a lot of distortion.
So I selected the silhouette of the name, made it a separate object, extruded and filled faces, etc. But now, I can’t get it to bevel properly. The angles are all off and it’s messing with the corners. I also tried extruding the face and shrinking it, but it did basically the same thing. What I’m looking for is a clean, even bevel like you get with the text bevel, or a better way to map a texture onto text.

Many approaches.

Converted text needs cleanup work, here’s an example of doing that

One way of making text is to create .svg in inkscape, import it to Blender, use curve extrusion/bevel to bevel it, change the resolution and convert to mesh, then clean.
It’s also possible to use object fonts which could come handy when making a “font” from scratch or if there’s a lot of text. The way that works is that you have objects names tagged with the letters and the text uses those objects as font, replacing letters with the assigned objects.

Yeah, I was going to just do the clean-up myself, but for some reason despite using a pretty simple, primitive font, it was even messier than usual.
Object fonts sound really useful, thanks for the tip on that. I’ll play around with these methods, thanks a lot!

you could also texture paint your letters
but takes time i guess!

happy blendering