Clean Panels Release - Organize and Speedup N-Panel Workflow

I wanted to let everyone know, that Amandeep and Myself have been creating and testing our add-on for the last few months with other community members. We are VERY excited that it was published today. Check out my video below if you are interested. It is a new way to categorize and speed up your add-on/N-Panel workflow. We offer 3 different ways to do this and with your feedback hope to even make it more amazing!

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Added commercial tag.

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Thank you so much.

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Hi, @Vectorr66 nice addon but you need consider small change from UX perspective, if you dont want to use DROP DOWN’s because u organize only WORKSPACE’s then drop down list need to be hidden by default and Vice Versa.


You are correct and we are already talking about fixing this in the discord. Thank SO much for the feedback. The community is why we wanted to create this in the first place. Thanks again!

Np :slight_smile: btw. @Vectorr66 I have one more idea which is to combine what you already have in the core with renaming add-ons in NPanal. I think this change alot from User perspective :slight_smile:




You can find this exact functionality in a free add-on, Simple Tabs:

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Are you in our discord? Hit us up sir!

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Simple Tabs is a great addon. Did you get a chance to watch our videos on BM? We offer other features. Thanks!

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@joseph Yes, i use this but if i have chance to choose between 1 or 2 add-ons i choose 1 :slight_smile:
Best, Krzysiek


We had talked about naming but will need to dig deeper since a lot of it is inside their code.

Absolutely love the addon, but it would be amazing if I could pin the dropdown menus, maybe have several of them open at the same time, that would save a lot of clicks and speed up my workflow a ton.
I like that I can already drag them freely, but its a little annoying that they disappear when I move my mouse away.

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Thank you thank you so much for the feedback. Are you in the discord to help us with our future roadmap? Sometimes we have limitations with Blender UI :frowning: yeah my one concern at times was can I just call it open and leave it open. Definitely researching all.

The Photographer addon becomes completely unusable once I add a camera to the scene. I don’t know why this happens. Using Blender 3.2 with the latest Photographer addon.

Thank you so much for your reply. I have photographer, are you talking about sometimes with dropdown that it blacks out? Come on over to our Discord and let’s get this all fixed up. Thanks!


Love your addon so far! Finally a good N-panel mgmt tool! :exploding_head: Just joined the discord!

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Does this support 2.91? I have to use 2.91 for most work.

Too bad it’s only for 3.0 and above.

Hey there, sorry for the late reply. I have heard people say they have tried for testing that it has worked in 2.9 but unfortunately, it is hard to guarantee.

Clean Panels V3.0 - Discount and Giveaway Updates!!

Hello Everyone,

We recently released V3.0 of Clean Panels


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>We have introduced a new filtering method that does not depend on the Workspace Filtering function. This means you can now use filtering without affecting anything else (like hotkeys and other UI).

>This new method also enabled us to make the new Focus Panel feature that allows you to access any tab in the N-Panel quickly:

>Renaming of Panels is also possible thanks to this new method. (It’s also available as an experimental feature for the old workspace filtering method but it’s not recommended as it will edit the addon source files. So we suggest you use the new method if you want to use renaming.)

>You can also have different orders of tabs for different categories of CP.

>and a lot of bug fixes and small updates.

We are also doing a GIVEAWAY of the addon, for more details please check out this update video (Results will be announced on 9th September):

Watch Clean Panels V3.0 Update Video

Checkout V3.0 Updates Playlist:

Clean Panels V3.0 Updates

We are continuing to clean up any bugs and look at future features. Please join us in our Discord for any support needs.

Happy Creating!

Clean Panels Team

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