Clean up topology after boolean operation?

I’m trying to model a security camera and need to cut into the casing to add in the lens itself. How do I go about cleaning up the edges?

The first thing I’d do is sort out the blatantly bad areas. Also, use of sharp edges and controlling the auto-smooth angle can be a boon. You can also use shrinkwrap on a “background” object to have the surface conform more to a smooth curve, using a vertex group, you can limit the effect to the “round” part and not the “cut” part.
This shows how you can use the shrinkwrap to handle shading.

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Another method used, is to retopologize the model after all boolen operations are done.

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I decided to go with this. Thanks for the suggestion!

FYI, you can use a shrink wrap to ensure your retopology matched the initial shape. So make a copy of the shapre prior to the boolean, use that as a shrink wrap target so as you retopo, the new points hold the a nice form.