Cleanin' out my locker

Have you ever got detention for no reason at all? I have, i got it plenty of times. Wasted time for my mouldy locker, look at the time. Sick in your mind of those damn detentions wasting your life. All this homework, homework due in two days. Tempers flarin from teachers when you dont have it done, and you get detention for a few hours. Keep rushing homework in the morning and staying at school in the evening. See they can delay me, but they’ll never stop me from leaving. I’m at the bus stop now, i bet your sorry now, you didnt let me out later, so i’d miss my damn bus!

Screw you teacher. I really want to kill you. I really want to murder you but now, i have to clean out my locker.

Ive got some skitles in my locker and i don’t know how old they are, so before they throw me inside the classroom and close it, imma eat them. I’ll take you back to september 30, before i ever had any homework to do. I was a good student, well maybe not. My faggot teacher must had a pop can up his ass, cause he gave us homework, he gave us so much. I wonder if he even cares were alive. Probably not, hes to gay to have a brain in his head. I needed good marks so i couldnt picture kickin his ass. Even if i hated him, i’d take my pen and i’d try, to write a reading response by the end of class. He was stupid, no doubt he was dumb, but the smartest shit he did was take away my knife, cause idda stabbed him, shit stabbed all the otehr teachers too. Now i have detention and im wasting my time.

Screw you teacher. I really want to kill you. I really want to murder you but now, i have to clean out my locker.

Cant think of a third verse right now. Maybe later.

You’re mentally unstable, right? Just a question.

Otherwise, I totally hear you, minus all the stuff about killing teachers.

Today, my sadistic homeroom teacher kept me after school for forgetting my “purple folder,” which some of my teachers have to sign. I’d forgotten to get it after my last class, so I was in detention, doing nothing because I had nothing to do.

More proof that she’s a sadist: I do some weird stuff at school for my own personal satisfaction. Whenever she finds some in my messy folder, she’ll take it away. She says I’m not getting it back until my grades are up. I’ve got pretty good grades in 4 of my classes, but in one I’m in danger of failing, and the other I am failing. It’s mainly because of missing work that I never turn in. In the failing class, I’ve turned in all the work I can for the semester and I’m still failing. The other one is simply because I don’t test on books on computers, and for that, I give you the C evidence: She’s making me read boring books to test on.

My school is also sadistic. My P.E. teacher makes us run one lap of a track. Doing this 4 times will give you a mile. Doing this 40 times will get you some frequent running miles :smiley: If I was told to walk that, I’d be fine. However, I’m halfway done with ONE lap, and I’m panting for breath. Sometimes, he’ll make us run for 20 minutes, with walking breaks at curved parts which really aren’t half as long as the straight parts. At the end of classes, I’m really thirsty and I still have one class to go.

Math is okay with me, really. Call me freaky, but remember, I like “Cube,” a math thriller! WOOT! (I think that’s what you do when you’re excited, right?) I like variables and stuff, but there’s one problem. We will often have to show our work, even on things that I can do mentally. Come on!

Science is rather dull, as well. Today we had to do this weird lab involving volume of water. Me and my partner had to put water into “graduates” (though none looked like Dustin Hoffman :smiley: ) at certain places. I’d constantly stop the water too late and water would get everywhere. I’d almost need an umbrella.

The worst part is that I have things I could do that are more interesting than these dumb classes. No electives this semester, next semester I get two electives when the 9th graders seem to have like 3 each time! Only one elective there will likely get me farther in CGI, and it’s keyboarding which I do fairly well. I’m typing right now! I do it half the time! Yeesh! The other elective is Art. Oohh, painting, making masks, drawing, blah, blah, blah… Not much of that converts into CGI well. Neither would almost any elective they gave us. Next year, I’ll probably take a class on photography, which converts to CGI quite well, plus it’s interesting.

(I’m also going to try cooking to get a part-time job at the cafeteria. However, I hate their food–I have stuff that they don’t make for lunch. Doritos, Little Debbie, and Gatorade. I don’t see them making it much. Why work there if I hate the place? Because I feel that it might help in my future, not to mention it’s the only job I’d find at 13-15 and it pays rather well.)

I’m typing this stuff as it comes to my mind, and I’m almost out of time. submits

showing your work: the stupidest thing of the century.

today we did a test in science. we had to show the formula for finding the field of view under different magnification levels. whats stupid about that? we had to show the SAME damn formula for EACH of the calculations. EACH.

in math on a test we had to convert 0.058 into a percent. Show your work. How stupid is that.


in social we have to write notes that we DONT get marked on, but we LOOSE marks if we dont have them. The notes are for our benefit to study. THEN WHAT THE HELL AT THE DAMN BOOKS FOR?

Mute… Eminem will rot your brain, don’t emulate it, hehe.

Actually not, it demonstrates your knowledge of the process. One good example of this is calculus. It’s been a while, but I believe the derrivative of [3(x^4) + 1(x^3) + 2(x) + 5] is [12(x^3) + 3(x^2) + 2]. I can still do this without a book, without a program, without a calculator because there’s an easy “cheat”. But for the first month or so the calc teacher will make you show your work, doing it the long way. Reason is, you have to understand how it’s done, and why it work, or else you won’t understand the rest of the class. Of course, if I did a lot of calculus, I’d remember the long way, too, lol.

Now that, I agree, is stupid. How do you show your work there? They probably want to see 0.058 x .01, but that would be .00058, or .058%, not 5.8%, the correct answer. Either that, or they want you to draw the little arrow moving the decimal, which is even worse, lol. I would just write “.058 = 5.8%, this is all the work because it is only a single operation.” Of course, they could want .058 = 5.8/100 = 5.8%, but I’ve never seen that.

My personal opinion: Your Math teacher was an English major. <snickers>

actually, the correct formula to convert decimals into percentage is x * 100%, which is still a very good waste of pencil to write down.

when you’ll reach calculus, you’ll be thnkfull for each formula you can write down.


calculus blows goats.

Diff/eq & Taylor series blow goats

mixing problems totally and completetly blow goats.

most other things don’t blow goats.

Showing our work sucks.
You’re panting HALF WAY THROUGH? I don’t think the gym teacher’s a sadist, I can sprint one lap. My current Civil Air Patrol PT test requires a mile of 10:00. That four laps. My last one will require 6:45.

differential equations are fun, taylor series are too easy


If the question is asked like this it is impossible to answer as you can only get the percentage of something relative to something else. for example what percentage of 1.0 is 0.058? then it would be 5.8%.

So everyone should get full marks who attempted this question as it was an unanswerable question.

Oh Science gets alot more interesting just keep at it.

Hah whenever I got detention which I didn’t deserve I would simply state it to the coordinator that I wasn’t planning on comming to the detention since I hadn’t done anything to deserve it.
Usually this worked,… it actually only backfired 1 time where I got suspended for a day instead of getting the punishment,… but hey it was all worth it! :slight_smile:

p.s. best ever was when a teacher wouldn’t believe me on a issue and favoured another kid over me. I got so angry that I called here a fcking whre and stormed out of the classroom. (Yes I was a angry little guy in highschool ). Anyways first I went to talk to the coordinator of my class,… hah but in this case he wanted me to go talk with the principal and the teacher I called the name,…
Anyways we had a big long talk inwich the principal mostly agreed with me and actually told the teacher off a few times.
In the end he made me go to detention for 2 hours,… but since there was a vacation in between they forgot about it after the vacation and I never actually got punished :slight_smile:
aahh those where the days

I think the worst I got was copying stuff (you shall not talk in class, that kind of crap)

I’m not saying that the teachers liked me either. Some of them don’t like it much when a student is right and they aren’t.


I got 4 hours detention for writing a letter to a girl in my class. The teacher saw me giving it to her, and he took it, started to read it, and sent it to that girl’s mother. Then he gave me those 4 hours…Man I was quite mad then.

But oh so useful :). You’ll always have to do approximations.

Putting in some extra work and really understanding the basic calculus courses really pays off later on. But I must admit that I look up most longer integrals and expansions in tables rather than calculating them, that’s ok now that I know I could if I took the time :wink:

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hey, I reply, and one person flames me for it. what a change

ValarKing: If it’s Civil Air Patrol, and you guys are in the air about 329/330 of the time, then there won’t be many times that you need to run one whole mile. I’m totally fine with walking that distance, except that by the time I finish it, I’m a little thirsty. But RUNNING? My problem is starting too fast. I start too fast, which is why I’m halfway through and I’m panting already. My head will be thumping by the time we’re almost done with exercises. AAHH!

Besides, when exactly in the life of a CGI artist will he need to run one mile? What would be wrong with walking?

We’re not in the air even 2/5 of the time. There’s ground team. We need the mile run to STAY IN SHAPE. I have to do PT every month.

Showing your work definitely does blow. My grades get lower and lower, just like one’s intelligence when they go to my school. If I can keep track of everything in my head, then the paper’s only neccesary to let us show our answers. No, you have to show your work. You’re only wasting more paper that could be used for more purposeful reasons, such as figuring out what we’ve done wrong to deserve such a fate as “junior high.”

Hehe Civil Air Patrol… I remember making a group of them druel doing a simulated dual release failure when I was learning to fly sailplanes. We flew with the Memphis Soaring Society at a little field in Arkansas. Of course, with sailplanes you have to be towed up. 3 methods I know of, Tow by plane, tow by wench (stationary wench on ground gets you going fast enough to climb, but thinking of what happens if you fail to release scares me), and tow by vehicle (like a good, heavy pickup… bout like running with a kite). We had a plane, taildragger Pawnee, they’re usually used as crop dusters. Anyhow, one thing you have to practice for your license is a simulated release failure, where the release on the sailplane fails, you signal the tow plane, and they release, you must then land with with tow rope. My instructor decided we should show off, since the Civil Air Patrol was out, and invented the “Simulated dual release failure”. Invented because he’d never heard of such a failure or simulation, and of course had never done it before. Basically, you go up with the tow plane, and you land, STILL IN TOW! He did it once, then I did… got to say, that was somewhat like walking a tightrope… but it damn sure was fun, lol. I got my revenge on dad that day, because he got to fly the weekend some local farmers were burning their crops. I wasn’t there that weekend. :frowning:

BTW, I got detention once, it was for not putting a paper cover on my textbook.


I’m sure they made a puddle of drool.
This summer I’m going to solo a glider (I’l be 14), until then, I get as many orientation flight hours as I want for FREE! It counts towards a private pilot liscence too!

Sweet. I had a pretty good setup. Of course, there are usually 3 fees to glider instruction…

  1. The Instructor
  2. The plane
  3. The tow

Well, the instructor was a friend of dad’s… a cool Marine Gunny, basically he told us as long as we’d give him a ride out there, and pay for the plane and tow, he’d teach us, no charge (he was a licensed instructor, of course).

We had a good deal on the sailplane too, as long as no one else in the club was waiting for it, we only pay for the first 1/2 hour… $12 per 1/2 hour, I think. It was an SGS 2-33A. Usually there was no one waiting, so that $12 could last all day.

The tow was actually the most expensive part (when it’s usually the plane). Can’t quite remember, but I think it was $8 for the first thousand feet, then $4 per thousand past that, so $16 for a 3,000ft tow (for those who don’t fly, that’s altitude, not distance, hehe… so $16 for the tow plane to take you up to 3,000ft, where you release, and a good glider pilot with the right conditions and a decent plane can stay up for hours after that, but our flights were usually around 15-20 minutes.)

Eh? Of course it counts towards a a liscence. You do need one to fly gliders. But your glider hours do count towards other ratings too, such as powered flight, and I think even helicoptors. I think you can use them for up to half the required flight time for a powered license, and I think it covers both instruction flights and solo flights. Been a while since I’ve browesed the reqs. though. Good luck!