cleaning a mesh

I want to smoothen the edges but keep the form. Then I want to remove as many vertices as possible.
Actually it looks terrible…i know :frowning:
How can i achieve that?
Many thanks and regards

Well im not that great with removing them - but as far as smoothing the object you can select Sculpt mode from your drop down menu and select Editing then click on the sculpt tab and click smooth and adjust as needed. If someone has a better solution help the person out!

Well Nicktechyguy, that’s about as good a solution as there ever will be…
There is a ‘Smooth’ function (Wkey > Smooth) that will normalize the selected vertices but at the price of heavily modifying the mesh…
What the h… happened to that mesh anyway? It looks like you hit Subdivde Fractal or something.


What is it you are trying to model?
The shape seems farily simple but the topology is all over the place. You could probably create that shape with only a couple of dozen vert’s. Either retopo a mesh onto the object with better topology, or use the object as a guide to box model (with subsurf) the shape with much less vert’s. It will be quicker and give better results than trying to clean up what you have already done.

Yeah, I think you would definitely be better off just modelling the shape over with retopo or start over. It would probably take a really long time to remove all of the unwanted verts from this.

I looked a retopo video but still didn’t get it. How should I proceed with retopo?
The main goal is to have only a few vertices but retain the shape.
Shure I could redo it…but i’ve many of those objects and they are used in an armature, which I don’t want to redo.
Many thanks again for a retopo howto for this case.