Cleaning ideas wanted!

so i made a sponge, okay not great -
anyway what i need is to - in the little video - have a “pane of glass” that is dirty? misty?
and where the sponge passes over the glass the pane is clear.
PS as you can see i aint no expert!


It would probably be easy to do the dirt disapearing in a program such as After effects. I don’t believe it would be easy at all in blender. If You don’t have a program like After Effects, maybe someone else has a good Idea for you


only way I can think of is:

texture1: make the dirt/frost to be wiped off
texture2: animated texture of the wipe to be used as an alpha map for texture1 i guess via nodes
texture3: whatever shows out of your “wiped” areas though i guess that would be more shader than a texture

but this requires you to animate every wipe you want and try and magically match it to your sponge.

theoretically if you could grab locations of the sponge and use that to generate an alpha map automatically that way would be better - but I dont have the slightest clue how one would do that.

also, you need to subsurf the sponge and add a displacement to it.

dunno how to do that.

BTW there will only be 3 or 4 wipes.

I’m no expert either, anon125. I’ve never actually tried it myself, but I can’t help thinking you might be able to achieve what you want in Blender’s Video Sequence Editor. You’ll probably need to have a track containing an animated matte to ‘wipe away’ the dirty layer, but it may just work…

i divided the pane into sections and moved each one in turn out of camera range

crude- needs work - but not so bad.
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please let me know if this link works

I think it looks pretty good, but I think the wipe should be rougher coming from a sponge. How did you do it??


Here’s another way of doing it.

*I divided the window into To-Be-Cleaned part, and Left-Alone part.
*For the To be cleaned, i assigned a blend-texture, with a color band.
*I mapped the texture to the To-Be-Cleaned using an empty (under map-input). The texture only affected alpha value of the material.
*I then made the empty follow a curve.
*In order to get the “S” shape cleaned properly, i had to do it in 3 stages, using 3 curve, empties and To-Be-Cleaned parts.

Feel free to check out the Blend.


Edit: Ignore the jagged edge. That’s only because i was lazy.


cleaning_time.blend (455 KB)

dunno how to do that.[/QUOTE]

Add modifier->Subsurf and Add modifier-> Displace and make a texture for the displacement.

Subsurf Modifier
Displace Modifier

Note that this has nothing to do with the cleaning effect, but with your model

divided the pane into smaller panes that went out of camera view when the sponge was on top of them.
thanks all

PS here is the blend file with lots of holes removed to make the file smaller


tempsponge.blend (909 KB)