Cleaning up scans

Hi, I’m scanning compositions of my own (just books and things) using an app on my phone called 123D Catch.

Once scanned I have the option of downloading these files in .obj .3dp and .stl formats.

The files need a lot of cleaning up with a lot of background interference being included in the result and the odd hole needing to be filled in and a base to be put on the scan.

My knowledge of this kind of thing is virtually nil (you can probably tell) and I’m wondering if I can upload my scans into Blender to do this. I’ve tried to open my .stl scan into Blender but it didn’t give me the option of doing this.

I’d like some help and answers as to how I can open my scans in Blender and perform these hopefully easy tasks.

Thanks in advance!


File / Import menu

If the .stl importer does not show up, enable it in the File / User Preferences / Addons panel

thanks very much!

Depending of your scan resolution may be impossible to work it in blender, Meshlab is more suited for this kind of task. But is always useful if you try an give us your impressions.