Cleanning up a blend file

I’ve used a script to align some objects on my model, but it seems to have added objects into the scene that are not selectable. Moreover, when I move an object (with the ‘G’ key) the object disappears until I hit ‘Enter’, ‘Esc’ or LMB.

Is there a way to clean up the model so that all the extraneous data is purged?



what to you mean disappears
its happened to me that i hit the H key when i want the G key , they are close to each other :slight_smile:
is it that the case?

for cleaning
try W-Remove doubles
check modifiers (subserf to high), multilayer etc…
try CTRL+N

try L-KEY on selected vertics and see if you select something not belong

i dont think i understands you fully
but i hope that’s helps