Cleanup on isle 4

Just an idea that I slammed out today.

Let me know what you think.

either make the green stuff less glowing, or make the environment - especially the floor - receive more of the glow

you need some sort of background, like make it fade to a black with a little bit of maybe warehouse siding in the background, or some other form of light and a wall, other than that I dont see anything wrong with it ;D

It’s nice but the green thing is kinda awkward, I mean it’s kinda off, I think you must work in the background to balance your work! Post the updates! Thanks for sharing it!

It is a really good render and I really like the details on your barrels. They are right though, about the chemical liquid spilled on the ground, and I think what is the matter is that the lighting is off, and it almost looks like a photo where someone is digitally added but the lighting is off. I assume you have it emitting, so turn that down a bit, that may help.

Ok, here is an update, it would have been sooner, but for some reason I’m having issues uploading pictures.

So I put in a typical factory type wall in the background, and toned down the glow. For some reason though the glow from the puddle is not showing on the floor like it does for the barrels. It is made of metaballs so it isn’t flat, I though giving it some thickness would have made it cast on the floor. Any suggestions?

Yes, try using an area lamp facing the floor, with a light green color, and only about 100-200 intensity ;D that should do it, and if your still unsure how to make that work (although I dont think you should be) post your .blend and I will put it in with instructions on how it was done and such…

You can see a simular way to get this effect by watching Andrew Price’s (http:\ video on creating barrels that look realistic…I think they are red barrels with little fire hazard signs on them if you need a visual reference for the right video

also, Nice work on the background!

Try putting a bit of reflection on the liquid, you will probably have to play around with it a bit to get it right just don’t go over board.

If it was a real photograph then you would need to use a large aperture, that would result in very shallow DOF. Also the light receding back to the wall would fall off not remain steady. Perhaps the glowing fluid would be more intense closer to the bulk of the material in the drum? Very cool drums BTW