Cleanup, pose and convert disassembled fbx robot models for 3D printing

Hey there,

I got a bunch of loose fbx files for some video game based robot models with weapons. I would like them in a pre-posed 3D printable format.

They got some missing faces and a few non-manifold parts from what i could tell. I attached screenshots of the desired poses in the archive here.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you’re interested in fixing these up and posing them. I’d appreciate it if you could come to me with some kind of proof of your skills, either in the form of a WIP for one of the models or a screenshot. An initial analysis of the models would also be great. I know a little 3D modeling myself, so I’ll be able to tell if you’re suitable for the task.

About the price, I am open for suggestions.

Here is the archive with all files and pose references:

For more details on the figures themself see this wiki article:

Thanks for your time


This interests me. Depending of how broken the model is, I am able to repair it. DM me. It’s 4am now. I will be back on my workstation in 5hours.

@Jdmnstr Hello!
I’m interested in this. So I looked at provided file. It seems like rig is not completed for mecha models.
I’m not sure about mesh or modeling but if you are interested for rigging characters then reach out to me in this forum and we’ll discuss the price.
Now you may think there’s no need for rigging. Current rig is fine. If you want only one pose then it might be fine but if you want to print with different poses then you need a working rig.

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