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Hello everyone, there is a problem for the first time. I constantly use the Ctrl + Alt + Space function, it takes the local coordinates of faces and edges. But then suddenly she stopped working. It stopped working because a lot of coordinates are already in memory. Right now I’m manually cleaning my 200 orientations. Either a script or an addon to clean these coordinates?


I’ve had a similar issue before. One imperfect solution would be to import/append an object to a new file with 0 transform orientations.

there was an addon made for this !
but it think thread has been lost
I have to find where I put this addon

will try to find it again this weekend!

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the script I have does not work in 2.79 !

but check this one here

but i did not have time to test it
let us know if this works fine

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found one that works in 2.79

the new transform menu is on the bottom header now

tr2.blend (586.1 KB)

run script in text editor and check bottom header for new transform menu
select delete all

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here is pic showing options for new delete all custom transform

to see the options you need to click on the black triangle

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Yes! Its great thank you! But have a one problem) missing layer icons

Not certain about that one
my pic shows all the layers tab!

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