Clear Bone Location (Pose) messes up objects location.

I’ve got my character almost 100% rigged.
I have all the vertex groups named exactly the same as the bones
they are parented to.
I have applied Scale and Rotation to ObData.
Then parented each object to the armature chose name groups.
They’re all good except for one part.

When I’m in pose mode, after posing the character, then
pressing Alt+G to clear location, everyting goes back to
normal but one of the hads of my character.
Instead, that hand is suddenly located on the ground
by his feet.

:no: Does this make any sense?

The only other thing to note is Each hand is a separate object with
a shape key. Because of this Scale and Rotation cannot be applied.
They’re symmetrical in every way, but only one hand get messed up.


The hand itself is a separate object ? If so how is it linked to the armature ?

…You’ll have to post a blend for this one . I get the feeling you might have to fix the object rotations on the the hand though before this goes away … Just remove the mesh (except for the hands of course) if you don’t want to post it now …

I have no idea why, but it works now. I didn’t do anything different but save
the blend file after each step as I inched toward the part where I parent the
hand to the armature using name groups. It must have been some sort of

My only guess is it might help to do all the above before having shape keys,
but I am re-using the hands (w/shape keys) from my other characters to
save time and work. This is is the second character I’ve created using this
process. The previous one did not have this issue and I have not changed
my work flow since then. So it really might just be a glitch.

Either way, for no good reason, it’s worker perfectly now.

And the reason I had the hands as a separate object was because I only
wanted the shape key applied to the hands. That way I could reuse on
other characters and keep those shape keys.

P.S: Since I finished the character I changed my mind about keeping
him a secret. You can see him in a sweet pose right here: