"clear location" when posing armature does not work


I am following the BSOD character tutorial, and am now in the process of rigging the armature. However, of some reason the “clear location” feature when posing the armature has stopped working. (I get the dialog, but nothing happens.) clearing rotation works fine. Could someone help me with this?

Here’s the blend file: http://hiower.orgfree.com/character05.blend

thanks in advance

Noticed that it does not only concern that armature. Even though i make a whole new scene the problem is left. What might have happened?

Discard this! :stuck_out_tongue:

realized now how it works - i thought “clear location” would move back a bone i had grabbed and moved when using IK, however, “clear rotation” was the way to go… I hadn’t just marked all the bones when clearing the rotation earlier. Clear location did indeed work when moving lose bones, or the whole armature.

My bad.