Clear-out Moving Scene | Paper Style



Very lovely so far. I like it a lot.

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That ground texture is really interesting.
Are you planning to texture this or keep it as a paper style render?

I’m not 100% sold on the grass effect yet, but I created some grass clumps and used the particle emitter to get it like that. If you have any tips for me for the grass I’d love to hear any suggestions :smiley: I’m not great at making materials, and I like creating things in this paper style, so I think I’ll keep it as a paper style unless someone wants to do the materials for me.

Thank you!

I think the paper style is interesting, was just curious if it was in early stages before materials.

For grass I can’t say I have many personal tips without examining the blend file, but I can recommend if you’ve not seen it yet Gleb Alexandrov’s tutorial on making grass fields. He goes into some finer points about how to make it look appealing.

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Okay, Thanks!