clear parent but keep child animation from the parent ... How ?

Hello all,

Exemple : i have a cube parent to a sphere … I animate the sphere and i would like to clear parent but keep the animation from the sphere to the cube.
How can i do that ?


You could have both objects reference the same IPO curves (bottom right of the IPO curve editor window). This will work, but there are a few things to take into account.

The objects center - While parented, the cube just follows along doing whatever the parent does. If you simply reference the same IPO curves, the cube will “jump” to the same location, rotation, scale etc as the sphere. To over come this, you could set the center of the cube to be the same as the sphere. Now the cube will do the exact same thing as it did when it was parented, but the new center of the cube may not fit in well with any additional animation or constraints that you might want to use.

A better option, INMHO, would be to first reference the same IPO curves, then make them unique, (essentially a duplicate of the IPO curves), then adjust all of the IPO curves to compensate for the original location.

Best of Luck!

Couldn’t it be possible to have an Empty “cloning” your cube and still have the child relation left intact by childing the sphere to the empty?

Don’t know… never did it…

If we have to do that, then what does the “Clear parent but keep transformation” option do? Just move the object to where it moved when parented to the object, but doesnt copy any ipo data from parent to child?

Star Ranger4,

AFAIK - yes. Parenting can be used without using IPO curves. I suppose it would be nice to have the option when clearing parent though.